The East Lansing Art Festival (ELAF) is celebrating 53 years of art and culture in 2016 and is ranked 50th of over 4000 fine art festivals in the country.  The ELAF is managed by an all volunteer Board of Directors and two part-time paid staff people.  The ELAF is a free event offering access to high caliber art, free live music, artist demonstration area, poetry reading, children’s hands-on art activities and a food court.  The festival must raise every penny it spends on the production of the event.  Funds are raised through corporate and business sponsorship, artist fees, grants, individual contributions, and in-kind donations.

The East Lansing Art Festival offers businesses of all sizes excellent local and regional exposure to the tens of thousands we reach through our promotional efforts, as well as the 70,000+ who attend this event.

Please carefully consider joining us to make this important event possible for the community. We thank you in advance for your support.



The ELAF offers a variety of ways for business and individuals to contribute.

Tiered Sponsorship is designed for businesses and corporations and offers a variety of giving levels or "Pallets".  Each "Pallet" has unique "perks" associated with them.  Perks are designed to give the business exposure to 70,000 guests via the festival, i.e. web presence, on site signage.

Award Sponsorship is designed for both individuals and businesses.  Money raised under the award sponsorship goes directly to the award winning artists who are selected through an on-site jury process.  Cash awards and ribbons are awarded to winning artists on Sunday morning of the festival.

Festival Friends is geared to individual art lovers who are interested in just supporting the festival.  The Festival Friends program also aims to provide an avenue for engagement, offering opportunities to meet other festival patrons.

In- kind sponsorship is designed for businesses that have resources or special skills to offer to the festival.  In-kind contribution examples include advertising, meals, printing, supplies, etc.

Sponsorship Possibilities

Volunteer T-shirts:  Festival T-shirts are given free to each volunteer to wear during their volunteer shift and as a keepsake. Contribution: $1500, Silver Pallet sponsor perks and logo on shirt.

Individual Band Performances at the Main Stage: Sponsor a performance at Ann Street Plaza Main Stage located in the heart of the festival. Contribution: $1500 and Silver Pallet sponsor perks and name on stage during performance.

Children's Art Activity Area: The Children's Art Activity area is geared to providing authentic and inspiring hands-on art experiences for children of all ages.  Sponsor an authentic hands on art activity. Contribution: $500 $ Bronze Pallet sponsor perks or the entire Children's Area Tent $5000 and Platinum Pallet sponsor perks.

Art Demonstration Area:  The Art Demonstration Area allows festival goers to see real artists (painters, potters, sculptors, weavers, printers and many more) in action creating art.  Contribution: $1500, Silver Pallet sponsor perks.

Oasis VIP Tent: An exclusive area within the festival site where artists, sponsors may find refreshments and a place to socialize throughout the festival weekend. Contribution:  $1500, Silver Pallet sponsor perks and name/logo on the tent for the duration of the festival.

Gift Certificates or Vouchers: Miscellaneous food, certificates or vouchers for local restaurants that are given to performers.

Festival Merchandise: Tote Bags/hats/water bottle etc. Sponsorship would offset the cost of producing festival merchandise that is sold at the festival.